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April 30, 2013 · Posted in Action Alert 

actionalertDear friends,

as you may already know, the Texas legislature meets for only 140 days on odd numbered years. There are only 26 days left in this session which means, there are 26 days to get pro-LGBT legislation passed. While that may not seem like a lot of time, there is still a lot of business that can be done.

Texas is one of the many states where it is still perfectly legal (and common practice) to fire someone, refuse to hire someone, or deny someone an otherwise deserved promotion based solely on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We have a good chance to change that this session with “The Fair Employment Act” (SB 237).

We are certain that we can secure job protections but we need your help in doing so. There are three things that you can do to ensure that this bill passes and if you do all three, the chances of passing this bill are even greater.


Share this page and this information with all of your friends so that they can help make this happen.

Action item 1:
The bill is currently held up in the Committee on Economic Development. We have 3 of the four “yes” votes required to get it out of committee. We need to convince at least one of the remaining four to vote yes and to get it out of committee as soon as possible.
Whether you’ve called before or not, please make the call to the following senators urging them to vote yes on SB 237.

Sen. Bob Deuell – 512.463.0102
Sen. Brian Birdwell – 512.463.0122
Sen. Kelly Hancock – 512.463.0109
Sen. Troy Fraser – 512.463.0124

Action Item 2: 
Brave activists will be engaging in non-violent civil disobedient action which could lead to arrest. We will need your help for legal fees and bail. Please consider donating what you can at http://www.getequaltx.org/donate

Action Item 3:
Sign the petition urging these senators to vote this out of committee. This petition will email the four senators directly.

Vote SB 237 Out of commitee

Dear Senator,


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