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Texas has a movement in it. We believe that the time for begging for the scraps of equality has long passed. It is time that we stand up and demand full equality in all matters governed by civil law! You can be a part of the ever growing chorus of voices pushing for full social and legal justice. Sign up below and someone will contact you by email or by phone to discuss how your talents can best be used in your local area to further the movement!
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Not all of our events involve a risk of arrest, in fact, most of our events are low to no risk however, some actions come with a risk of arrest as part of a means of pointing out an injustice. If you mark yourself as being arrestable on this form, that doesn't mean that you will be required to engage in those actions. You get to choose if and when the time comes if you would like to engage in those actions. This just lets us know who to ask.

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List your hobbies and talents, even if they seem not to be important. You never know what skill might come in handy for an action or event.

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